I thought it was cold today……

I woke up early morning to prepare Mavis for the Bus. She is going to the Lebenshilfe as usual.

I felt my bones are aching and I am shivering, I thought it was cold. I turned on the floor heater and I wear more clothes. Mavis wear warm clothes too. I look for Muffins clothes and dress her too, so she won’t get cold. I took some picture of her because she looks cute with her overall.

When Mavis left with the bus, I lay down in my bed with Muffin and we both fell asleep. We slept in about 3 hours or more. I am still shivering and my bones are aching. My head is getting heavy. It’s hard to do some work…but I have to do some cleaning that I usually do daily.

The Sun is shining through my glass window. I checked my body temperature and find out that I have fever… 39.5 °C

That’s the answer why I am not feeling allright. I took Paracetamol and Aspirin and hope everything will gonna be allright later when Mavis comes back home.

I am afraid to get sick, because we are alone… Muffin cannot help me nor Mavis. I have to take care of myself. I hope …I’ll be fine tomorrow.


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