It’s nice outside :)

Muffin is behaving nicely sitting in the chair beside Mavis and they’re both watching me, while  I was  removing  weeds in the garden. There’s a lot of weeds and it will take many months to remove them. I am able to cut the grass today too.

Once in-a-while I play with Muffin with her ball. I can say that Mavis love seeing how fast Muffin run to catch her ball and to bring it back to me. Muffin never get tired but me. I feel good watching her running too. She has a lot of energy!

We went inside the house about 17:00 o’clock to eat our dinner.

When Mavis already in her bed I turned on my PC to watch “The Vow”. Gladys told me it is good. After I had seen the movie … I can hear that it’s raining outside…. then…. I caught myself whispering ……” that is music to my ears” 🙂


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