Beautiful Sunday !

We had a very nice weather today. It is cold, the grass are frozen but it is dry and the sun is shining.  The plants had water and  their dry leaves are removed. I can see that the windows needed to be clean, but it could  wait till next week.  I have to make a house cleaning plan, to  make sure  I don’t neglect  any corner to be clean.

Mavis and Muffin have been so cooperative today and we had a nice trip to Alibaba. We ordered 2x Döner and we bring it home and eat together for Dinner. It was so tasty and Muffin had her portion too.  I believed that Muffin is satisfied to have her fair share.  Mavis was so sleepy after shower and she fall asleep while watching tv in her bed.

Tomorrow, Mavis will go to the nursery and after she left,  I can go fishing with Muffin till  16:00  o’clock.  I wish I could catch fish tomorrow and  If not ….still OK …..but then ….. I have to order fish for tuesday.



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