The day is hollow after they are all gone.

Jonjon go back to Spain last January 2. Gladys left last January 5. Thaddeus left yesterday January 10.

It’s just me, Mavis and our little dog Muffin here home. It is silent. Even Muffin is silent. We ate our breakfast without appetite and the coffee does not even taste good like as when they are all here. I turned on the TV, watch a little bit with Mavis and Muffin. Not even get interested watching …. I turned it off and turned on the Nitendo Wii. I started to play Bowling, Tennis and other games, but it does not even satisfy me. I turned it off.

I nurse Mavis and after that I prepare something for lunch. We had spaghetti bolognese with parmesan cheese. I is just ok. I made only a small amount that we will not have leftover.

It is raining, the wind is blowing hard outside and soon the day is over.


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