Fishing with Muffin!

I am so excited to go fishing this morning. When I came to the fishing place, there are not many people there. I bring all my fishing equipments to the waterside.  I get Muffin from the car when everything are all prepared.  Muffin keeps barking everytime people comes arround which makes me feel bothered.  It is hard to stop her and it cost lot of nerves the whole time when we were fishing.

I went home without fish. Who knows, maybe the fish are hearing Muffin and they are scared and swim away.  I feel better  when I get home. Mavis came home about 16:15 o’clock. I made noodle soup and vegies salad with bread for dinner. We watched tv in an hour and half then I shower with Mavis and bring her to bed. Muffin behave good when she gets home.  I only wish, she will change when she gets a little bit older.

Gladys was laughing a lot when we talked by phone after telling her about how Muffin reacted to other people while we were fishing. She said, she could remember the day she walked with Muffin in Lüneburg.

Growing Muffin needs patient. She is still young, someday she will be nice. And even if Muffin nerves …. I still loves her !


Beautiful Sunday !

We had a very nice weather today. It is cold, the grass are frozen but it is dry and the sun is shining.  The plants had water and  their dry leaves are removed. I can see that the windows needed to be clean, but it could  wait till next week.  I have to make a house cleaning plan, to  make sure  I don’t neglect  any corner to be clean.

Mavis and Muffin have been so cooperative today and we had a nice trip to Alibaba. We ordered 2x Döner and we bring it home and eat together for Dinner. It was so tasty and Muffin had her portion too.  I believed that Muffin is satisfied to have her fair share.  Mavis was so sleepy after shower and she fall asleep while watching tv in her bed.

Tomorrow, Mavis will go to the nursery and after she left,  I can go fishing with Muffin till  16:00  o’clock.  I wish I could catch fish tomorrow and  If not ….still OK …..but then ….. I have to order fish for tuesday.


In my silence…….

After reading Thaddeus message, I feel like a stone falls down from my heart.  I love him amd his whole family. I am sad that it did not works how I wanted him and G be together in the future.

I do not know how to answer the message back. I had a lot of tears after reading the message.  I can almost figure out Ethan walking with the shoes, I can see with closed eyes that Jess and Mary Ellen wearing the bracelett that I  made. I wanted to give more and for the other part of the family, but since the situation gets worse, I do not know what to do. I love everyone in this family. Deep in my heart, I do really mean everyone.

This family will always be a part of me.

Muffin is still going upstair every morning and barking at their room door.  It reminds me how she loves keeping them bussy. I wonder what’s going on Muffins mind …..

Thinking !

I was really sleepy last night, so I went to bed early.  But when I was laying in my bed there are many thoughts about many things. I realized that there’s a lot of people who really needs my help.

My youngest brother and his children do not know how to build up their future. I am sad that my brother still have to work hard to support all of them. This situation have to change. My brother is already old and I wish he could enjoy his life somehow.

I need to visit them and plan a lot of things to organize everything so that his children will work for themselves.

It’s not easy for me to do this, because I have responsibilities to Mavis and Muffin. If I want to go to Philippines and stay for about two to three months …..  then I have to bring Mavis and Muffin  with me.


The day is hollow after they are all gone.

Jonjon go back to Spain last January 2. Gladys left last January 5. Thaddeus left yesterday January 10.

It’s just me, Mavis and our little dog Muffin here home. It is silent. Even Muffin is silent. We ate our breakfast without appetite and the coffee does not even taste good like as when they are all here. I turned on the TV, watch a little bit with Mavis and Muffin. Not even get interested watching …. I turned it off and turned on the Nitendo Wii. I started to play Bowling, Tennis and other games, but it does not even satisfy me. I turned it off.

I nurse Mavis and after that I prepare something for lunch. We had spaghetti bolognese with parmesan cheese. I is just ok. I made only a small amount that we will not have leftover.

It is raining, the wind is blowing hard outside and soon the day is over.